Meet the team: A chat with Victor Pallaruelo


In this interview, Victor Pallaruelo, as author of the first ULISES technical project, explains his role in the project.

Hello, Victor! Thanks a lot for dedicating your time to this interview.
First, could you explain the role of your team in ULISES?

I’m the author of the first ULISES technical project. I am involved in immunology strategy and genetic and nanoparticle design. As part of this, I actively participate in technical and scientific discussions, give feedback, generate ideas, and conduct bibliographic research, etc.

What type of expertise does your team bring to the project’s research objectives?

I’m a freelance biomedical researcher, highly specialized in immunology, oncology, virology, genetics, and nanoparticles. Besides ULISES, I also have expertise in the design of gene therapies for the Covid-19 and HIV-1 viruses.

What does your research specifically focus on?

My research focuses on the design and implementation of the optimal immunological and genetic setup for improving the immune response over tumour cells. At the same time, this setup deactives the tumour’s protective microenvironment, thus helping eliminate the tumour cells.

What is the most innovative aspect of your work?

The most innovative aspect of my work is a new immunotherapy technically designed in silico and involves the delivery of plasmid DNA to transform tumour cells into immunologically incompatible cells. This provokes the strongest possible attack of the immune system, without drugs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, transplants, and, therefore, with few side effects.







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