World Cancer Research Day 2022


24 Sep 2022

Now in its seventh year, this World Day aims to raise awareness of the vital contribution of scientific research in slowing the progression of the disease and increasing the survival rate and quality of life of cancer patients.

On September 24 we will be celebrating World Cancer Research Day, a global initiative established in 2016 to promote societal awareness with regard to the value and importance of cancer research and call for its promotion and support in a joint effort.

Most of the international organizations involved in cancer research—AIRC, FC AECC, AACR, UICC, IARC, EACR, ESMO, ESTRO, ASCO, NIH, AIRC, and CRUK—have joined this initiative, with the aim of promoting faster progress in the fight against cancer through cross-country collaboration and making the most of the investments allocated to research worldwide.

ULISES Consortium will participate in this World Cancer Research Day by organizing a specific social media campaign in which each of the Consortium’s partners shares their views on the importance of scientific research as an indispensable driver to accelerate the fight against this disease.

Photo by Julia Koblitz on Unsplash







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