Fundacion Instituto Valenciano de Oncologia

The Fundación Instituto Valenciano de Oncología (IVO) is a non profit making organisation founded in 1975 focused in the fight against cancer and related diseases in all aspects: prevention, treatment, research and education. The

IVO is a National Reference Centre in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, being the sole monographic Comprehensive Cancer Centre in the Valencian Community. Over 70.000 patients have been diagnosed in our institution with an average of 3.500 new cancer patients each year. It houses all kinds of modern technology used in diagnosis and treatment, as well as having numerous and verywell qualified medical staff. The institute also includes a medical specialist training program, in such fields as Medical Oncology, Radiotherapeutic Oncology and Oncological Dermatology.

IVO is one of the most active centres, at National and International level, in medical oncology research participating in over 80 active clinical trials which include more than 800 patients and where new treatment strategies are assessed.
It is a founder member of the Organization of European Cancer Institutes and has been recently accredited by this organization within the context of its Quality and Excellence Accreditation Program. Research in IVO has been mainly oriented in clinical trials, and the translational research being an emerging and priority field of action.


Jose Antonio Lopez
Jose Antonio Lopez

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